Farewell, My Friend!

My friend has been lost forever,

He has been lost in the edge of the road,

My world is full of silence,

Though I am in the crowd

There were smells of lies

I am absorbed is doubt.

But I know I’ll never lose him,

Because he was never mine!

But I like to believe that something is still pending,

All aren’t over yet,

Since I have promises to keep,

I have a lot of words to say to him,

There is a good bye due for years,

I can see he is coming towards me,

But it’s just a dream!

Dreams never touch the reality,

It’s different, terrible, soundless,

And it’s a big city with a small space,

So I’m standing alone in a crowded lonely place.

© 2018 All rights reserved by Tamjid Hasan Fahim.

Make Me Free

I’ve got neither the love nor any hate in my life. I tried to find the answer ‘why so’. Instead of the answer, I got a poem!


Neither the love, nor any hate,

I have got, in my fate.

Pile of thinking, useless date,

Made my brain just like a cave.

So no sound I can hear nor I have any sight,

Since I am deeper, faster & clearer than light.

I am cloudier than cloud, blacker than night,

Let me fly just like a kite.

Under the sun, in the bright,

Beneath the star, beyond the sight!

©2018 All rights reserved by Tamjd Hasan Fahim.

Close Your Eyes And Try To See!

How great would be that if we had such abilities to go as far as we can see! And when we would be there, we would be able to see farther!

They asked me where I wanted to be.

I said, “As far as the eyes can see.

Over the mountains, forests and a sea.

Where everything is carefree!

[Poem by Kazi Akib Bin Asad]

Sound exciting? Yeah, it should be. Often I sit taking a map, and just close my eyes and try to see how would be that if I had such a gadget that would take me whenever I tap on the map!

Imaginations are great! The thing you have to do for that is-

Close your eyes and try to see!

Go as far as you can see. When you will be there, you will be able to see farther!

Over The Clouds

Dreams doesn’t work unless you do. When I realized this truth, I wrote these four lines:

Over the clouds there is a world you know,

The world is full of dreamy-white snow!

If you go father, you’ll find another one,

That world is full of lives, full of warm!

Dreaming is very important, but only dreaming is not enough.

“Dream is not that you see in the sleep; dream is that does not let you sleep.”

-A P J Abdul Kalam Azad

You need to work. Hard! And from NOW!

I don’t know how much seconds do I have, but I don’t have a single second for wasting.

Mists Of The Mountain

Once I went over the line, to the mountains. There was something that enchanted me. What did I see?

Once I went to the mountains over there

To see how much beauties my eyes can bear.

I looked at the horizon, sight backed to me,

This is the place where I wanted to be.

Beauty lies in the mist,

And I didn’t know it before,

It’s really obscure,

If the mountains close the door,

The door of their mind,

There was still something behind.

I saw something hideaway there in the reign,

I’ll be back there once again.

Copyright: All rights reserved by writer: Tamjid Hasan Fahim

Day 5871 of My Journey

A journey that I started about 16 years ago. My life!

Have anyone thought what’s the number of the day of his life that he is leading? Today is mine 5871 no. day on earth! Alhamdulillah!

But when journey will be over, there will be no one to write- “The journey has been over!”

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